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>> there are students being offered counsel, the superintendent says his record is clean. >> there is hiring of credentialed teachers who are fingerprinted and we do reverence -- reference check autos he's being held on $100,000 bail. the court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. there is going to be a meeting here at 5:00. parents, teachers and administrators should be one emotional meeting. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> and happening now occupy san francisco protestors vowing to return to their locations after being removed by police. officers moved and cleared out the sight in front of the federal reserve. there are police cited 45 people. >> campbell's soup is losing two u.s. plants and there is about 700 employees will lose
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their jobs. saying sales have declined 13%. and. >> crews getting ready to fog for mosquitoes in brentwood tonight. and there is part of the battle to fight west nile virus, san francisco confirmed it's first case since 2005 when authorities first started tracking it now, people in san jose are preparing to march to raise wareness about crime in the neighborhood. police say interest there is a rapid increase in pros at this time yugs. the march begins at 7:00. >> newark police have a few extra eyes and ears patrolling streets there is citizens called raven.
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the seven volunteers wear uniforms and report activity to officer buzz not allowed to chase or detain suspects. >> there is morgan hill police need your help to find this woman. authorities say the 38-year-old filled up a shorting cart in a safeway with her 10-year-old daughter told the daughter to wait near the exit. she pulled up with the car, she saw the store employees were questioning her daughter and she sped away. the warrant has been issued for arrest. >> there is is a neighborhood called in again after a massive manhunt. >> happening now, police question a suspect arrested today and they say he is known to carry weapons. this is the man police had been hunting for. he say he had been driving this car when spotted by a
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police unit. and there are signals to pull over, but the driver sped away, then, they chased him. he crashed into the street. their suspect -- suspect jumped out and ran on foot. police set up a primt ter and there was a temporary lock down issued by the oakland unified school district. both martin luther king school was told to shelter in place. after a search, oakland pd got their man. police are not releasing identity or details of the warrant because they say he's part of an active investigation. police say they're able to make arrests because of community participation and witnesses coming forward. >> breaking news happening right now in novato.
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sky 7 is or the scene of a serious accident that sent a person to the hospital. we believe the victim was a pedestrian. there this happened on novato boulevard. you can see the white suv. this situation is developing and plus for latest. >> there is a federal official says a california man behind an antiislamic movie has been arrested for violating terms of probation. >> according to the district attorney is he expected in court anymore now. >> and there is a brief bomb scare and a sus spishus object was found in the bag of a passenger. turns out the object was a paper weight. >> in a landmark agreement the five major rental car
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companies pledged to stop renting cars that are under safety recall. >> this is a story we reported on several times, the agreement took root after enterprise enter seteled a lawsuit filed when sisters from jant cruz died in a crash driving a rental car under a recall. their mom told us the settlement was not enough. >> our verdict represented one quarter of one day of revenue for the defendant. and to me that is not an innocent dwroif change your policies. >> and there is legislation to prevent companies from renting cars under recall. >> your boss no longer able to demand access to your social media accounts. governor brown signed a pair of privacy bills into law making it illegal for employers and colleges to ask for user names and pass words. the restrictions do not apply to employer issued device
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autos the governor signed a law preventing neglected or injured animals from being returned to the owners. there bill signed to expand online education. it expands availability of the online classes in high schools and eliminates financial obstacles for school district autos happening now, hundreds of new citizens in the bay area, 1200 people from 98 countries took an oath this morning at paramount theater. they became citizens in time to register to vote for the upcoming election. uc berkeley chancellor gave the address at the carry moan. he's from canada. >> good news, national football league will have referees this weekend and the play from the game was the straw ta broke the back. the nfl and union reached an
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eight year agreement and gives more money and gives the league an option to replace bad reps. >> so you never want to see a game ended on a controversial play but this happens in sports. sports aren't perfect. life isn't perfect. >> there we're learning one of the victims sexual lay bused as a child signed a book deal. helping to launch the investigation that led to the conviction on child sex abuse charges. the 1-year-old will reveal his identity when the book is released. >> there are crews working to put a fire out that is now conzpaind it began over the weekend near mexico border and burned four scare miles destroying 11 homes.
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>> there is a warm up here, let's check on the forecast. >> there is low 90s inland valleys, there is fog and temperatures into 50s, here is the forecast tonight. as you head out of the door we'll see fog near the coast. low 50s to mid-70s in the morning. there is some dense fog and afternoon will feature mild to warm weather. low 60s to low 90s this is just a holding pattern. there is some triple digit readings to tell you about in just a few minutes. >> and still ahead a big celebration in san jose. the deal and festivities going on now on santana row. >> there is a top google executive goes on style z dish network looking to serve up a new tv service. >> there is an investigation
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stirring up questions about the safety of your belongings on airlines. >> checking traffic there is the skyway and what appears to be a hazy day. there is better for folks heading southbound towards peninsula. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 is back in a moment. j
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there is a sig celebration in san jose for the 10th anniversary of santana row. it expanded from 35 to more
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than 100 stores now. it's pumped millions of dollars into city and state coffers. and you'll remember a section of the development caught fire in august, twut causing a $130 million reported damage. it was the worst fire in san jose history and the kous kaus still never determined. >> and and and you can see that happen days and weeks before and this is hard to get over. it's a small miracle we're able to open up two months later. >> there is a series of public events running throughout the weekend. >> california cities suing governor brown's administration over tactics to secure money as redevelopment agencies are being dismantled. there is a league that penalizes them when they don't turn over redevelopment money.
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brown's administration says it is needed to help close the budget deficit. >> dance craze spreading across the globe sweeps up a top executive. >> there is a struggling maker of black berry may be on the verge of a turn around. >> well, facebook is hoping a new gift giving service will unwrap a source of revenue. this allows users to buy and accepted real presents on both desk top and mobile. it's based on karma which facebook bought in mai. it could be a game changer. sources tell us dish network is in talks with mtv parent viea come, food network parent script about offering channels online f agreeing dish could
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charge a lower price fr a shawler bundle of channels and this is what customers may be able to select. research in motion shows positive signs and there are sales falling in the quarter. the company did post a loss of $253 mimin. and there is some solid growth in africa and asia just two days after giving a sneak preview of the operating system, expected to be available next year. all of this is helping rim to rise in after hours trading. and the ftc settled spying charge was seven rent to own companies and a software maker saying the computers have spy ware on them and took web cam
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photos of people in their homes, this years companies to stop using the tools and says it may refer the case to other agencies. and stocks wrapping this week slump downed speculation china will boost it's economy and after spain pledged to cut it's benefit z chairs of apple and intel pushing it higher, eric schmidt showing off his lighter side by going showing his dancing style. and and the two also talked about viral videos and how you tube can help music industry. you may recall you tube helped make the song a hilt. official video received nearly $300 million views in just over two months.
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>> americas aren't too scared to spend money on halloween this year, seven in 10 expected to send big next month and there is a consumers expected to shell out more money this year driving sales to $8 billion. >> and have you guys picked out costumes? >> we're spending big at our house. there are stores still open. >> you're going as? >> not as anything. >> let's find out what larry has. >> i'm going as an nfl replacement ref. >> let's get to weather before getting into trouble here, there is heat headed around the weekend there is a fog
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layer that is a thousand feet deep this morning. and we're headed towards another night of the fog. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. you'll see while areas are enjoying sunshine, coastal spots far from sunny skies. as a matter of fact, it's solid along the entire coastline now. the fog holding temperatures in the 50s at this hour, there are areas of dense fog holding steady tomorrow and a big warm up is coming up this weekend. so today' high temperatures most areas up from one to 18 degrees, and the coast, and tomorrow we're going to remain about the same or take a dip inland. tomorrow morning once again, watch out for dense fog. temperatures on the cool side upper 40s to mid 50s and you'll need to bundle up and you'll likely be shedding layers and going to be a nice day. this is an area of low pressure going to just provide a dip in temperatures for
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friday. and then, by weekend, two centers of high come together and there is a hot air mass over us. hottest days sunday, monday, and inland areas coastal areas you're going to run warm. it's going to be beach weather hitting the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, beautiful day. into the south bay, 77 in santa clara. 82 in los gatos. and if you like blue skies they will be on the peninsula. and 77 in los altos. here is the fog. 59 in pacifica. sunset district as well. 65 degrees in downtown sap fran, north bay. upper 50s and getting up to 93 in yu kia. east bay communities upper 60s to mid-70s, 75 castro valley. inland areas this is where it's going to be warm but not low 90s everywhere. there is 63 degrees inmont
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rai. 83 inreasoned. accu-weather forecast is mild to warm foremost of you, warmer and hot heading into the second half of the weekend. there is up to triple digits monday. not record setting and there are fall warm up we expect. low 70s and cooler wednesday and thursday and abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer. october 18th game on abc 7 we're giving away $49,000 f you like us its easy to enter the sweep stakes z and right after the san francisco 49ers
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take on the seattle see hawks. if you're not a fan this is quick. why not? you can win big. >> and this is if you don't like us. >> it's not imaginable. >> you can still win. >> roseanne bar taking a break to run for president. what she's doing in the east bay. >> there is a new baby for an as scar winner, coming up the name that reese witherspoon picked. >> and taking a look at traffic now this is emeryville. this is just outside of the maze here, these cars on the left side of the screen take a slow crawl up 80 heading eastbound and stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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>> there is sky 7 over the scene of an accident there is a girl in critical condition. police say the man driving a white suv hit the girl while she was riding her bicycle. he is corroborating and no word on who is at fault. this happened on novato boulevard. >> and and suzanne barr
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appeared to promote her candidacy for president for the peace and freedom party. and she will be speaking in oakland in support of the legalization of marijuana. >> there is a boy for an oscar winner and the author of harry potter series has a new creation. >> the author of best selling book series in history is out with a new novel a casual vacancy, a book for adults. >> i have gone from draggons and unicorns and fun in making that to a book that is intensely personal that expresses a lot of my reality. >> with millions of preorders it is already number one on amazon charts.
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reese witherspoon gave birth to son tennessee james. we haven't heard the exact reason for the name she did she did grow up in nashville. and at 9:00 it's grey's anatomy, then, the season 2 premier of scandal. >> there are people asking me who is quinn. you'll find out in the season premier, thursday night. >> that is at 10:00 here on abc. for more tv movie and music news go to >> just ahead an investigation into theft and what abc news discovered when tracking a security screener and ipad. >> preparing for critical mass. what they have planned for tomorrow night. >> candidates for president put the spotlight on the swing states what. they're saying about the race for white house.
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a shocking investigation into how secure air porlt security check points are when it comes to your belonging autos there is a report showing 381 tsa employees have been fired for stealing from passengers. and officials say that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> brian ross has this eye
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opening report. >> we went to 10 major airports with a history of tsa test problems. we checked bags with ipads valued at 600s skpdz cash and purposely left ipads at tsa check poichbts. all luggage made it safely. >> there is $500 in and ipad. >> and nine out of 10 cases tsa officer dz what they're trained to do. but it was a different city i in -- story where this ipad was last seen in the hands of a tsa officer. we filed this missing property report but told nothing had been found and we were just out of luck. but we had been able to track our ipad the night it disappeared. 30 miles away from the airport to the home of the tsa officer. >> brian ross? >> two weeks later we showed up at the house. >> we're looking for a missing
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ipad. and the tracking device shows it's located here, at this address. >> okay. >> is it here? >> no, sir. >> and again and again, ramirez denied knowing about the missing ipad. >> did you take it? >> no, sir. >> you did not? >> no, sir. >> after setting off an alarm on the ipad and asking him to search again, he produced it. >> you found it. there it is. >> okay. turn camera off. >> with his uniform off, he claimed his wife had taken it. not him. >> i want you to explain how this ipad left in a tsa screening station ended up in your house. >> i'm so embarrassed my wife says she brugt it home. >> that can't be true. last time it was in your hands. wasn't in your wife's hands but your hands. >> wow. and the tsa would not agree to
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an interview but in a statement says it holds employees to highest ethical standards and says ramirez is no longer with the agency. we'll have a full report coming up at 5:30 on world news. and that is completely busted there. there is a majority viewers are really angry saying tsa needs to do more to prevent theft. go to our facebook page on abc 7 >> passenger as board a brazilian airliner braced for a crash after landing gear failed on approach to new york john f kennedy airport it does not appear to be a normal. 87 appears topped at 90 degrees. >> the flight had what officials describe as twisted landing gear. the plane packed with passengers and tried to land. you can see this shows front wheels are sideways. just 50 feed from touchdown
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suddenly the gear came down and turns forward and that plane as you can see landed safely. >> there tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the critical mass bike ride began to give bike riders a voice, and often blocked streets and angered drivers. abc 7 news is live with more now. >> there is this police will begin filling up and from there, it's unclear where they plan to go. critical mass began with 50 people riding bikes home from work. >> there are people not paying attention to one cyclist on the road. >> from 50 to 200 to 2000 and more, there is no predicting
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who will show up on the last friday and what route they'll take, others turned into unruly stand jordz between bicyclists and frustrated motorists. one ride ended with 250 cyclists under arrest and an outraged mayor brown. >> i think those people ought to be prosecuted fully. and if they served time in jail they'd have a little different attitude. >> there have been incidents but this is over all much less combattive. >> there is maybe a 20 fold increase. saying i can do this every day. they do. >> and tomorrow, there is cyclists coming from around the world to celebrate. the police chief says he expects thousands to take to streets z this department is
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prepared. >> we'll have pechl with them and we use our motorcycles and officers on bicycles onto the again, just trying to make sure we can get an agreement so we can get along. >> so there is a the chief is not sure what to suspect. there is advice if coming into stit or trying to leave. you might want to consider public transportation. >>. >> and race for white house, both rez obama and mitt romney trying to get voters on their side. and what candidates are saying today. >> yesterday, ohio, today,
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virginia's turn. the president was in an area with a large military installation. >> it's time for a new patriotism. this is rooted in believe that growing our economy begins when w.a strong, thriving middle class. >> mitt romney reached out to veterans in the critical northern virginia suburb. >> we're going to make sure to restore our economy to put people back to work and are going to do those thing autos and right now the president has the edge including virginia. he's ahead by four points and yesterday, said he's not detered by number autos i'm impressed with the polls but poll goes up and down. >> and there is voters started heading to polls today, thursday, they can do the
4:36 pm
same. >> that is why the ad where he is speaking to the camera for two minutes looks like a closing argument. >> there will be debates if i can sit down with you in your living room here is what i'd say. >> with debates, contenders have limited time to keep making their case. >> still ahead, drug that's could put elderly at right after this ook and melky and what is next for the suspended giants outfielder. >> there is when you know the best credit card for your spending habits? >> and find out the t.alcatras there in the fog. once marine influence becomes
4:37 pm
limited we're going to go into a warm to
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melky cabrerra is on suspension for a positive drug test. the team informed his agent that they won't bring back the melk man. he issued a statement today saying while i am disappointed i swront a chance to join my
4:40 pm
team i wish my teammates the best in this post season and he's one of the giants best players but this is come my indicated. >> there are a lot of layers from this. he hasn't and and the giants have developed a terrific inventory after he left. they don't want a distraction. >> and this is also the presentation in history, too. >> and there are clouds hanging over here and behind some of the decision. giants want to get as far as possible from anything connecting them to the barry bonds era with steroid
4:41 pm
connection. >> and this is a little bitten yu yuts. if there is an injury they won't necessarily have him available. >> so there is playoffs just over a week away. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> there is 79 degrees in washington, d.c. there are temperatures running from 58 at eureka to 101 in palm springs. coastal areas and fog, 82 los angeles. and there is a possibility of showers or thunderstorms and there is summer like spread 59 in pacifica. and there is 71 in oakland and there is a warm
4:42 pm
day for friday. there is upper 80s to low 90s inland. and there are 60s there, then, by weekend he we're going to bring 70s sunday, monday at beaches and up to 100 degrees. smoking hot and there is 98 sunday so summer like heat it will be. >> thank you. >> and just ahead mona lisa's younger twin. >> and why those new school lunch requirements are leaving some kids hungry. >> and credit card companies looking for customers but which card is right for you? coming up best cards that can help you pay down debt. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 ingredient inside trader joe's meat shah that has customers calling for
4:43 pm
change. and the rover uncovering new proof life may have existed on mars coming up. the news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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checking healthy living news, new research suggests the class of drugs known as downers could put elderly at greater risk of dementia. it show s patients to be
4:46 pm
taking the drugs after 65 are nearly 650% more likely to develop dementia. the drug is popular with seniors and the patients may end up taking them for years. >> there is a remind yir about the flu vaccine. vaccinations are recommended for virtually everyone but just 42% vaccinated last year. >> new federal guidelines for school lunches and there are many saying they're still hungry. and some schools are also reporting a 50% increase in lunch room trash. usda is working to create snack programs to makeup for the low-calorie male autos they're flow throwing out fruit and vegetables. economy may be waivering but
4:47 pm
not banks they're sending plenty of credit card offers and rewards and there is some tips on the best bets. >> consumer reports chose to analyze 50 cards include includesing for those struggling to pay off debt. >> there is report saying he hasn't bought a christmas tree in two years and eating out is a treat. it's a effort to chip away debt. >> i've been really making efforts. you know? pay them down and two three times more than the payment. >> so with rates at 16 and 22% he says he's barely making a dent.
4:48 pm
he recommends transfering to a card with a lower apr. >> there is terms that can vary a lot. >> you're often charged a balance transfer fee then zero percent often lasting only 12-18 months. consumer reports found that chase slate is good for those that can pay off quickly. there is zero percent interest and no transfer fees in 60 days. >> if you calculate, you're better off with a card with a low rate. >> consumer reports found one of the best cards is the pin fed promise. there is a low apr and this is on transfers made before the end of the year be aware you need to be a member of the credit union.
4:49 pm
and if he does transfer balances, he'll need to pay one off in full every month to avoid going further into debt. >> if you pay them off each month, consumer reports says a better choice is a card that offers rewards or cash back of have you to pay a $75 fee and there is 6% back at supermarkets and 1% back everywhere else. you can reach information on our web site. >> that is good. >> that is pretty good. >> and if only those cute cat videos paid bills. there are some hottest videos featuring what snels two cats. >> and there is adorable
4:50 pm
footage from a sanctuary of an ape and her best fraichbd. -- friend named chuck. >> you're so cute and there is next up, there is nothing compared to the reception in his native lanld. here he is performing for a crowd in a south korean university.
4:51 pm
>> and it never gets old. and look for the original video to hit an astounding 300 million views soon. and that will do it for you tube videos. see it next time, bay area. >> just ahead putting a face on the mona lisa. the painting seeing a light of day after 50 years. >> it's murder, mayhem and bruce willis. there is aj
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could the most famous painting in the world have a twin sister? >> today, it will be unveiled after being in a vault almost half a century. some are skeptical it was painted by davinc i. they say
4:55 pm
he painted it oned woochl but the foundation announced it has evidence that proves it is authentic. >> ask and they look close. >> they do. >> the new film looper opens in theaters tomorrow. >> and there is a review and interviews with creators on the aisle. >> in the future, time travel is outlawed. >> the world is in 30 years, there is a looper eliminating people send back in time. it's fine until coming face-to-face with himself. an older version, a moral dilemma. does he shoot himself? is there an alternative? thought provoking and insightful and compelling. >> you're me in 30 years?
4:56 pm
>> this is change. >> your face books backwards you don't look like you do now. >> yes. so... we did use some prosthetics to just to suggest. >> this requires hours of makeup every day. >> this is bizarre. >> there is a bleak future. >> you're right. to for this movie it made sense. joe plays a desperate man. and so this shows why he's that way. >> and that is fascinating thoughts. i asked if you wants to go back in time or to the future. >> i would want to go to the future. i can't wait to see what happens.
4:57 pm
>> this is a sus senseful and well made and a grabbed me. i'll have to give it almost a full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> does make you think. >> it's intriguing. >> a rare whale is making an appearance off the australian coast. >> there is a helicopter that spotted the whale and this is the first time it's been spotted since 2009. >> first seen 21 years ago. until last year was the only documented all white whale in the world. and that is very unusual. >> yes. absolutely. >> thanks for joining us. >> a reminder about the abc dramas that premiere -- premier tonight.
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>> and that is aum tonight on abc 7. >> thank you. years of public pressure pays off. a car agreement about to make travel safer for everybody on the road. >> and there are parents gathering to learn about a teach year accused of having sexual qakt a young student. >> i'm sandhya patel. calendar says fall, summer like sizzle coming up. i'll have temperatures coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. beginning with california mother crusade for her children that michael finney had been following two years. >> that is right. her two daughters killed in a fiery crash driving a rental car that should have been recalled. michael fin gee here with the family crusade. >> we've reported on this for a long time now.
4:59 pm
the mother shocked to learn enterprise rented her daughters a call recall forward a steering issue. she learned there was nothing to stop the companies from renting recalled cars, today a bill picked up surprising support. >> they inspired me every day. >> she talks about her daughters she lost when the rented pt cruiser crashed and caught fire in 2004. today, four major companies dropped their opposition to a bill that would make renting and selling recalled vehicles illegal nationwide. >> this will effectively prevent anymore tragedies such as our family endured. i believe rachel and jackie are upstairs, smiling down. >> the companies open crossed the bill claiming it was unnecessary. and enterprise says it changed its position after

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